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There will be 14 distinct categories in the 2007 Goldeneye Awards for companies, organisations and individuals to aim for.

Entry information requirement are explained under each Goldeneye category.


Sponsored by BT

Business IT Award

This award is open to private sector business enterprises only, and sets out to recognise the outstanding the outstanding use of IT for business advancement and growth. Evidence should be presented regarding the nature and innovation of the project, how it is applied to the business, and how it has impacted on performance.

Sponsored by Northgate

International Business IT Award

Also aimed at private sector businesses and IT suppliers, this award recognises technology projects and applications which have helped drive business success in the international/export arena. Evidence should be presented to show how the project has contributed directly to international business growth.

Sponsored by Royal Mail

Retail Award

The Retail Award is directed at retailing organisations which have adapted leading edge technology to grow and drive online retail sales, making it easy for more consumers to make use of online shopping channels.

Sponsored by BT

IT Training Award

This new award reflects the most innovative use of IT Training with the emphasis on a project that can clearly demonstrate significant business benefit to the organisation through the proactive development of their employees. The judges will be seeking clear evidence of innovation in the programme design, effective needs analysis and verification as well as learner and sponsor support.

Sponsored by BT

Public Sector Award

This award is intended to spotlight the ever increasing use of 21s century technology and online delivery within the in the public/government sector. The award will recognise an individual project/programme which displays innovation in the delivery of public sector services via information technology.

Sponsored by Hollywood & Donnelly

IT Marketing Award

This award will go to the company or organisation which has created the most effective technology/marketing campaign in the past 12 months. Entries should demonstrate tangible results.

Sponsored by Hewlett Packard

Education Technology Award

This award reflects the innovative use of technology in education, with the emphasis once again on projects which have improved the delivery of education and training to end users.

Sponsored by flybe

Tourism Technology Awards (Best IT Project)

This category will recognise the best use of leading edge technology in the travel and tourism sector, in particular setting out to recognise projects which help to increase tourist numbers and to improve the tourist experience/product.

Sponsored by Lombard

IT Personality Award

The IT Personality of the Year Award will be presented to the person who, in the opinion of the award judges, has made the most significant and lasting contribution to the advancement of a technology agenda in business and the public sector over the past year.

Mobile Technology (Wi-Fi) Award - Best Project

This specialist award sets out to reward best use of mobile/data/wi-fi internet technology by a private or public sector organisation. Evidence should be provided regarding the nature of the project as well as the business benefits derived.

Sponsored by Tourism Ireland

All Island Award

The award will go to the company or organisation which has embraced the use of technology to develop/grow business on an all-island basis. Evidence should be provided regarding the nature of the project as well as the business benefits derived.

Website of the Year

The individual website which, in the opinion of the judges, exemplifies best practice in design, technology and delivery of internet technology.

Business Eye's Websites of the Month are automatically entered for this award, but entries are also encouraged from individual private and public sector organisations as well as web designers, developers and IT agents.

Web Development Company of the Year

The internet company which can demonstrate outstanding performance and success in the sector over the past 12 months. Entries should include examples of creative projects as well as evidence of innovation and commercial achievement.

Business Eye - Websites of the Month

Websites of the Month are selected and published by Business Eye on a monthly basis and recognised at the Goldeneye Awards each year.


Sponsored by BT Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Sponsored by Royal Mail Sponsored by flybe Sponsored by Tourism Ireland Sponsored by Northgate Sponsored by Hollywood & Donnelly Sponsored by Biz Eye Sponsored by Lombard